And…. We’re Back!

This was an amazing week! Being back, feeling the joy of being back to caring for you all, I might be exhausted, but I am full of so much joy! There were a few hiccups along the way this week, but I think I have ironed most of it out. Thank you to those who were in this week who helped us figure it all out!

So, what did we learn?

I learned that the room gets hot quick with the PPE on! Probably not for you on the table, but I was rather warm 😅 So fans and A/C are our solutions for that problem! We’ll keep the table warmer on for you, there won’t be blankets for a while!

I also learned that with my style and wish to give you as much time as possible, I have to put 45 minutes between sessions. I want you to receive 60 or 90 minutes of hands on time with me and to not feel rushed with oyur get on and off the table time. I just didn’t have enough time to calmly sanitize the room and have it ready for the next person. Thank you to those who were so kind as to watch me prepare the table for their massage!

With adding that bigger buffer to my schedule, I will have even fewer appointment times available.

Fortunately and unfortunately that means my schedule will be full and I won’t be able to accept new clients at this time (*with a few exceptions). I love working with my clients and want to be here for them when they need me. Expanding my hours to see more clients per day is not an option for me for a few reasons. I feel I won’t be able to do my best work and stay true to my passion for the care that I offer each of you. It would also cause problems with me trying to show up for the five beautiful kiddos I enjoy my evenings and days off with!

I also need to control my schedule better so I can coordinate which clients I am seeing on specific days so that I can make sure that my client load is organized in the best possible way. I will be working Monday and Wednesday and then some Sunday and Tuesdays scattered in as well. So I am going to ask current and past clients to email (RACHEL@REVIVETHERAPEUTICS.COM), text or call me (206-451-7037) to schedule their appointments for a little while.  

*New Client Exceptions

I feel like new clients can be both challenging and rewarding in so many ways; especially in terms of my growth as a massage therapist. So I will be excited to see your client referrals and will fit them into my schedule as I can. Please have your clients, friends, family, co-workers email me or call/text, but tell them they have to let me know you sent them! Others who are considering my services, I am always open for Prenatal and Doula Services. I have started a new client waiting list for anyone else looking to schedule. So please feel free to email or text me if you want to talk about being a new client or getting on my wait list.

​What’s all that stuff?

We are excited to have the locally made, handmade bath and spa products available for purchase at Revive Therapeutics. You can get yours online or at your next appointment! Check out all the available products at or ask when you are in for your appointment. Flat Rate shipping or pick up during office hours available.

Speaking of office hours

So we are back for 3 weeks, then off for three weeks. I am taking my beautiful daughters to Summer camp, and I will quarantine for 2 weeks after our return to make sure that I do not transmit anything to you! I would rather be overly cautious than have anyone be harmed by me returning right after camp. Upon my return in August, I will be accepting appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays 9am-330pm and every other week Sunday and Tuesday 1pm-8pm. August appointments are now available via email or text!

Missing all of you

Those of you who are not yet ready to return to massage, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you dearly, but I know that you will return when you are comfortable with massage again. I wish you good health and peace until we see each other again.

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