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Revive Therapeutics is my healing after a life in other people’s businesses pursuing career paths that didn’t speak to my person. I am Rachel, Licensed Massage Therapist, doula, and owner of Revive Therapeutics and I want to welcome you to my business and my blog! As a small business owner, I want to be a part of my community and so I’ve decided to offer bits of advice, insight, and personal experience to my clients to further my connection to you.

Until 2014 I was in retail management and employee training. Over a 10-year period, I used my Business Management degree working for rental car companies. It was a career that demanded a lot from me and I spent a lot of time away from my family. Unemployed during the summer of 2014, I spent my time trying to discover where to put my energies and enthusiasm. I was interested in focusing on taking care of people, not driving profits for a big corporation. I wanted to serve others and give of myself to those around me, especially people in need.

The more I considered what a service-driven life could mean for me, the more I was drawn to a long-overlooked dream, which was to train as a massage therapist. I entered massage school in Fall 2014. In a get-to-know-me on my first day of class, I told my peers I  wanted to own a practice focused on caring for pregnant women and the elderly. I couldn’t have known it, but this statement opened doors for me as one of my teachers put me in touch with a senior-care therapist selling his business. While this business absorbed into Revive Therapeutics, my goals have not changed. I offer discounted massage to seniors and superior prenatal care. In 2018 I trained with DONA as a Doula, to offer intimate care and support to laboring women.

The variety of patients and range of care offered at Revive speaks to my dedication to the individual needs of my clients. Our client base encompasses all that I set as my goal when I became a massage therapist and much more. Each and every time a Revive therapist walks into a treatment room, our client is the focus of our work and the care I want to spread in the world.

I find great joy and enrichment by offering touch and healing to others. I am happier, healthier, and overall a better person because of the experiences I have as a massage therapist and doula. Your support of my small business dream strengthens my mind and heart!

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