I guarantee CBD is right for you. Here’s why.

It is impossible that you’ve missed the explosion of companies advertising CBD in one form or another. The interest in CBD took off in 2017 when the State of Washington legalized the use of cannabis as a health and beauty aid. Maybe you’ve already tried out CBD and realized its benefits! But, if you haven’t, I want you to know three great reasons I’m adding CBD oil as an option with massage.

First, CBD has antidepressant-like effects. Used topically and not ingested, CBD oil is non-intoxicating. But, even though it doesn’t make you high, it does activate your serotonin receptors. This means that regular CBD therapy can positively impact your mental health.

Second, CBD has a positive impact on your immune system. From its ability to alleviate autoimmune disorder symptoms to evidence that it promotes white blood cell counts, it is clear that our bodies benefit from including CBD in the care we give to ourselves.

Third, and most importantly, CBD interacts with a system in your body with the primary job of maintaining balance on a cellular level. The endocannabinoid system does many things, but one of its jobs is to help stabilize you while you’re sleeping. CBD has the positive effect of encouraging alertness, while also helping stabilize non-rapid eye movement sleep (also known as dreamless sleep). I can’t think of anything more important to physical and mental health than good, productive sleep. Adding CBD to your regular self-care regimen can benefit your days and nights!

These three reasons and many more are why I’m now offering CBD topicals with massage. I want to make sure my clients have access to the proven wide-ranging benefits. These benefits include pain reduction, anti-inflammatory capabilities, reduced wound healing time, reduction of scars and bruises, and deep muscle relaxation. Even the overall benefits of massage seem to last longer when your therapist uses CBD oil.

I am slowly introducing CBD into my massage business, and as a preliminary step, I’d like to offer you a promotion to try out CBD oil risk-free! If you mention this blog post with the phrase “I’d like to try CBD for me!,” I’ll add a complimentary area-focused CBD oil treatment to any massage. Come in and see the benefits of CBD oil today!

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