Coronavirus Precautions

The news is full of information about the Coronavirus. It is important for us to all understand precautions we can each take. Most of these ideas are not new, many are things both Angela and I do each and every day and between each and every client session, but it is important for you to know that we are doing them. It is also important for you to know what things you can do to help us and yourself regarding massage. This is the information we sent out in an email last week, but we would like to share more about the precautions we are taking in the office.


  • 100% of linens cleaned and changed between every client: All linens are washed after each use in hot water with unscented laundry detergent and a powdered bleach substitute. You enjoy a fresh set of sheets for each and every massage!
  • Washing hands: We both wash our hands and arms with soap and water and dry with paper towels before and after each and every client. If needed, we will wash again during a session.
  • Disinfecting surfaces between clients and at the beginning and end of every shift: We use Clorox disinfecting wipes on all surfaces between each and every client. We disinfect everything that gets touched by clients and/or us, including but not limited to the massage table (face cradle and support cradle, table top, knobs, table warmer controller, etc.), table tops, door knobs, cabinet handles, light switches/controllers, emollient bottles and our stool seat and lift handle. Our table top has a vinyl cover on it to ensure that we can properly disinfect the surface between each client. We are adding to our list toilet handle and lid/seat, soap dispensers, sink and other bathroom fixtures, phone, pens, and keyboard/tablet screen.
  • Client chair: I have taken the cushion off the client chair so that the surface can be disinfected. Unlike the fabric of the cushion, the surface of the chair can be treated with disinfectant between clients.
  • Ask you to wash hands: You can expect us to ask you to set down your belongings and go wash your hands before getting settled in for a session. Since we massage your hands and forearms, and they are #1 areas that could be carrying germs, we ask that you use soap and water to remove any germs off them before we start. This will prevent us from picking them up in the emollient and carrying them to other parts of your body, likely to your face, an area where the germs can easily enter your fluid system.
  • Waiving late-cancellation fee for illness: You must communicate with us prior to your appointment time to get this waiver. If we don’t hear from you (no-show) or if you have to cancel at the last minute because of a reason other than illness, the late-cancellation fee still applies. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable canceling because your health requires it.
  • Supporting you in making your own health decisions: We understand and accept without judgement any decisions you make regarding self-quarantine or opting out of bodywork at this time. Please take the steps you feel are necessary to take care of your mental and physical health. We will look forward to when we see you in the clinic again. If you are opting out but are not ill, our 24 hour cancellation policy will remain in effect. Please use the links in your confirmation email to cancel if you need to.
  • Awareness about our health: As some of you know, Rachel suffers from seasonal allergies in the Fall and Spring. So far, that has manifested as congestion and a cough this Spring. If she ever have symptoms of illness, such as a fever, or symptoms beyond the allergies, we will cancel your appointment.


  • Cancel your appointment if you feel sick or if you think you might be getting sick: If you have generalized fatigue, sniffling/sneezing, fever, or other sensations and symptoms of illness, please cancel your appointment. The best time to do a self check is 36-24 hours prior to your appointment. If you have any question about your wellness, cancel your appointment with at least 24-hours notice. If symptoms develop at the last minute, you may still cancel your appointment, but any advance notice is much appreciated.
  • Wash your hands upon arrival at the clinic: We respectfully ask you to wash your hands before getting settled in the treatment room for your massage.
  • Take care of your health and know you are doing the best you can. This is an unpredictable time for all of us. You are not alone in not knowing how worried to be or how best to react to what is happening.

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