Giving Gratitude and Sharing Savings! MEGA SAVINGS!!!

10 Moments of Thanks from 2019

  1. My CLEAN PET SCAN! confirming I am still cancer-free!
  2. My husband who supports me, who spent a recent weekend with our 5 kids so I could learn more about massage and my own goals and practice
  3. My small business that provides me opportunities to learn, grow, and add to my community
  4. My career that provides me opportunities to serve others
  5. My house, which had seemed impossible in our crazy Seattle market!
  6. My community of friends, which has made this place feel much more like home in the past few years
  7. My family of siblings, parents, in-laws, and nieces and nephews who offer their support, love, guidance and fun to me, my husband and kids
  8. My group of doula clients who bring me into the most important moments of their lives with trust and open arms
  9. My opportunities for growth, both personal and profession
  10. and finally, My massage clients because it brings me great joy to come to work knowing I get to help you heal, encourage you to relax, and walk with you in a small way in your journey through life

Doing something with my gratitude

The more I think about this past year and all it has brought me, the more I want to thank every one of you who has come for treatment. Choosing me as your massage therapist is such a wonderful gift! And so, I want to give you all a gift in return.

In the spirit of the season of savings we all have come to know as Black Friday, I’m offering the very best promotions I can! Starting tomorrow morning, I’ll be sending out emails throughout the day letting you in on amazing savings opportunities!

There are a very limited quantity of discounts available, so snag up how ever many you want when you have the chance. Each savings code has only 10 uses!

  1. 50% off any service/gift certificate
  2. … 40% off any service/gift certificate
  3. … … 30% off hot stone/gift certificate

Let’s not forget about SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! You can also save on your treatments while supporting me as a small business in your community!

All of the promotional emails will give you the details on discounts and how and when they can be used. Here’s a brief overview:

  • $60 for three 60-minute or one 180-minute massage package
  • $100 off three 90-minute or one 270-minute massage package

Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting my business!

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