I’m an ASD mom and massage helps us!

Jack is my oldest and as any mom knows, the oldest child has a special place in a mom’s heart. Jack was the baby that made me a mom! With two sets of younger twin sisters, Jack is sometimes overlooked and might sometimes feel like he’s looked at too much. A lot of that attention is because Jack is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). When he received his diagnosis, it was an “ah ha!” moment for his dad and me. Knowing this was what was going on with him helped us take a fresh approach to the attention we gave him. One essential way the attention I gave him changed was I started to see all the ways he wanted (demanded!) to be touched as opportunities for me to care for him.

Jack — isn’t he so handsome?!

Jack has always loved being touched. Sensory overloads or deficits are often a part of an ASD experience. For Jack, we’ve always known he craves touch, that he needs to touch others, and that being touched helps him ground himself when he’s overwhelmed. More and more parents and therapists understand that intentional, safe touch has profoundly positive outcomes on kids with ASD. I know that this is true for Jack, and I have been so blessed to incorporate my massage training into my approach to being his mom.

In an effort to help him and other people on the spectrum, I have started training in Craniosacral therapy. My long term goal with this training is to not only help him but to also help other children and adults on the Spectrum. If you think you or someone in your life would benefit from ASD-centered massage, I am happy to spend preliminary time learning the very best way to offer my skills and knowledge to benefit more ASD clients!

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