I build a happy home with massage and you can, too! Here’s how.

Did you know I’m a mom to two sets of twins?! While the first set was a surprise and the second was a huge shock, I have loved every moment of the crazy life that’s come with them! Because the girls get so much attention as pairs, you can imagine they really need me to carve out time to focus on them as individuals. And one really important way I do that is with massage.

Jack (top), Desiree (left), Lucille (middle), Annabelle (right), and Marilyn (bottom left)

Studies have shown that Touch Communicates Distinct Emotions. I use relaxing massage to calm down the big emotions of my 3-year-olds and quiet the fast-moving thoughts of my 8-year-olds. Typically, we make time for this attention at bedtime. My older kids remember when I traveled Monday-Friday for business and I wasn’t there for morning hugs or bedtime cuddles. Now as a massage therapist, I understand and use intentional touch to connect with my kids. It’s a great addition to my parenting toolkit to make hectic days wind down successfully.

My kids love being touched with intention, and it is a party at my house when I take out my massage table! What I love to see from my massages is not only that their bodies and minds benefit, but that it also gives them a shared bond as siblings. They love taking turns massaging each other and the calming effects of the massages I give mean lower-key emotions and less fighting so they’re able to enjoy each other’s company even more! Woo boo!

Though I have training that makes incorporating massage into my home life an obvious choice, I encourage you to think of how intentional touch can open and relax the relationships in your home, too. With a little effort and lots of intention, I encourage you to keep your eyes and body open to the benefits of a thoughtful hug, a tender hand hold, or a gentle shoulder rub and let those small moments of intentional touch relax your mind and offer a moment of rejuvenation to your day! Here’s to moments of relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation!

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