Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday!

I think the month of May crept up on all of us. My April Calendar, like many of yours, was empty. Not full of weekend outings, meetings, choir, kids activities. Just empty. And now it is May. No choir concerts, no end of year events, no prepping for Summer Vacations. And by the way, Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Yes, this Sunday! It came out of no where for most of us. Now, most of the time, I would be encouraging you to purchase massage gift certificates, because who doesn’t benefit from Mom getting in for a massage? But right now, that massage won’t come for a very undetermined amount of time.

No Massage? So what now? It’s time to think outside the box, or I should say, to look inside a box, for hours and hours of relaxation for Mom. I have partnered with 3, yes THREE local, women owned businesses to bring Mom, or maybe you, the best at home Spa box possible! Packed into this box are 6 hand made products made just for hours of relaxation!

All Moms need to be spoiled, and how better to take care of someone than offer them a gift that will do some real good. Moms are busy, almost all of the time. You see her doing her very best to keep everyone happy – take notice of the things she says about her mood, her body and how she’s feeling and try to find her the right type of massage.

Maybe Mom does everything for everyone and you think it’s about time that she was treated to a little relaxation time? Here is a gift set of pampering spa products to gift her a little spa and massage related self-care in the comfort of her own bathroom. Just being a little bit thoughtful will get you a long way.

So what’s in this great Spa box?

Each of these companies are Seattle-Local women owned businesses!

2 Beautiful bath bombs from Fizzy Fairy Apothecary

Artisan Soap Bar and 12oz of Bath Salts from The Bath House Co.

Coca-Loco Shea Nut Spa Lotion and Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub from MiCreationsByShawn

Purchase a box for local pick up or USPS Flat Rate Shipping right on our website at Revive Therapeutics

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