Thanks to Rachel’s hard work and commitment to continuing her massage training, we are thrilled to add 90- and 120-minute hot stone massages to our 2020 service menu! 2020!

What is a hot stone?

Hot stone massage therapy involves warmed stones that are positioned on parts of your body to maximize the massage’s therapeutic benefits. The stones used are either river rock or very smooth-surfaced basalt rocks. The high iron content in basalt helps the stones retain heat during the massage.

These stones are heated in sanitizing water and then placed directly on muscles in need of deeper relaxation. Hot stone massages are beneficial on both physical and psychological levels. Always check with your doctor before getting a hot stone massage; individuals with certain conditions–including pregnant women and people with high blood pressure–are advised to avoid this type of therapy.

Why is hot stone worth trying?

If you’ve heard of hot stone massage therapy but never had one yourself, you’re probably wondering about the advantages to having someone using smooth, warmed rocks during a massage. There are a wide variety of mental and physical benefits to receiving this kind of massage. These include relief from pain, reduced stress, increased circulation and improved mental well being.

Here re some of the reasons why hot stones offer these benefits:

  • The hot stones allow you to get more out of your massage. Heat promotes muscle relaxation. By placing hot stones at key points on your body before your massage begins, muscle tension is alleviated before Rachel evan places her hands on you, making it easier to give you a soothing deep-tissue massage.
  • The heat improves your circulation. Any type of therapeutic massage is good for your circulation, but a hot stone massage is especially beneficial because heat makes your blood vessels expand, allowing more oxygen to get to your muscles and increasing the exchanges of blood particulates. When your muscles receive more oxygen, you’ll experience less pain, and you can also heal faster if you’re suffering from any kind of muscle injury.
  • A hot stone massage can help treat chronic pain. Any type of professional massage helps manage chronic pain and poor circulation, but many people find that hot stone massages are particularly effective. The heat allows Rachel to manipulate deeper muscle tissue, which leads to greater muscle relaxation, decreased muscle spasms, increased range of motion and—most importantly—reduced pain.
  • A hot stone massage can elevate your mood and combat stress. The stones are placed at specific pressure points in order to relieve tension from those areas, and this physical reduction of pressure actually helps reduce mental stress. When the body is relaxed, the mind is able to relax, and you can leave your hot stone massage feeling rejuvenated.

Whether you’re trying to manage the chronic pain of a condition like arthritis or you’re just hoping to treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon, a hot stone massage may be just what you need.

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