Reflection Part 1

As Covid has rocked my world this year, and Thanksgiving is making me ever so thankful for everything have, I started reflecting on where I have been over the last few years since entering the world of massage therapy.

I entered the world of massage 6 years ago. Not very long I suppose, but for me, it has been the most eventful 6 years of my life! Just for some get-to-know-you time, here is a bit of history of the past six years for me.


I enrolled in massage therapy school at Cortiva Institute (now closed) Federal Way after 10 years in the car rental industry. Between long work weeks, travel, nights, weekends, and more, I left rental car feeling defeated and distant from my family. I had 3 kiddos, 8 and 4, I hadn’t seen much of them for about 3 years. My physical and mental health were struggling. It was April, and I entered the beautiful months of Spring and Summer with an open mind and happy heart. I had all the time to figure out what my next steps were.

I had the best summer with my kids. Lots of hours at the parks and beaches, lots of library time, and hours walking around Federal Way. All that time led to hours of reflection. Business management was not going to be for me! I loved the time I had with my kids, and I did not want to go back to where I had been. I did not want to miss any more of their growing up!

On a brisk October day I walked into the Cortiva Institute admissions office in Federal Way to inquire about classes. I was there on the day of orientation for a new cohort. After about 10 minutes with admissions (the two 4 year olds were running wild!) I left, determined I would join that cohort the next Tuesday.

My husband, although taken slightly aback by my determination, was supportive from the start! His only question was, “Do you have a babysitter lined up?”

I believe that it was a calling for me to enter massage therapy school. More on that coming soon!

Summer 2014, fun in the sun with the kiddos!

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