Three Important Reasons Seniors Need Massage

I grew up in an Iowa neighborhood that had only a few kids and lots of grandparents. When I was 7, neighbors like Vivian and Elaine seemed really old, even though they were only in their 60s. I spent most of my childhood summer days and school day afternoons with my senior neighbors. They were like a second family, and I was so close with my next-door neighbors, Jack and Lucille, that two of my kids are named after them! My senior neighbors taught me so much, from gardening to golf. I loved them and they loved me, even when my siblings and I got a little wilder and louder than they appreciated.

Jack (left), me! (center top), Lucille (right), my sister Miriam (middle), and brother Adam (center bottom)

I was a teenager when the first of my dear neighbors passed away, and I was not really old enough to offer much to their care other than my unconditional love. How important these people were to me has not waned and I still look for ways of offering care to those in their later years. 20 years later, with my own parents now in their mid-70s, I now have skills I can share with seniors who I love very much.

In the work I do, I see the benefit of not only massage but compassionate touch for the seniors who come to see me. Our senior massage focuses on relaxation and stress relief, and can even help improve symptoms of aging. Because massage encourages increased blood circulation, it can improve mood, balance, and flexibility. This means seniors who receive massage can have less arthritis pain, feel more limber, sit and stand with better posture, and feel a sense of improved overall well-being. Warm paraffin dips are especially beneficial to sore hands and feet!

The senior community is like family to me, a family that I care greatly for and want to serve. This is why my first business out of massage school was specifically for elderly patients. Now, Revive Therapeutics encourages seniors to benefit from massage by offering great rates for a once-a-month senior massage.

As we grow older, we tend to think less of ourselves and focus more on others. This can mean that the oldest among us benefit from a bit more special attention. At Revive, we want to be an opportunity for seniors to receive therapeutic and intentional touch, and we hope you will encourage a senior in your life to take time for themselves and come in for a treatment!

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