Use Massage for your Best End-of-Year

End-of-year demands can take a physical toll

The end of the year is a particularly rough time for our bodies. We hold our stress in various parts of our bodies as we prep for holiday festivities with friends and families. There are also the other kinds of end-of-year responsibilities we balance at the same time, with work responsibilities and school responsibilities demanding our attention. Whether you’re studying for exams or finishing year-end paperwork, much of our time is spent sitting at a desk, hunched over paperwork, or even leaning awkwardly over the steering wheel as we drive around town completing errands. This time of the year asks a lot of us, and we feel in in our bodies.

Don’t tear your hair out OR throw your back out! Instead, get a massage!

This is when we start prodding at our neck and shoulders and wishing for much needed relief! Massage is so good for overall wellbeing – giving your body a relaxing once over on a massage couch will physically de-stress and relax you, so that the calming hormones that you need for mental clarity and wellbeing come flooding in to help you prepare for the stressful times ahead.

While it is tempting to overlook yourself this time of the year as you give so much attention to people and things beyond you, it is so important to take the time to correct the tension and stress held in your muscles. At Revive, a trained professional massage therapist will know how to identify the source of aches and pains, which can sometimes come as a surprise. You might think you have a knot in your shoulder from hunching in your chair at work, but it might turn out you clench your jaw and a therapist can feel the knots that creates down your neck into your back. We will treat your stress related stiffness and aches and pains and know exactly what to do to relax you before any issues prevent you for accomplishing what you need during the coming month.

Massage will help you be as chill as this cat this holiday season!

You should put your physical and emotional health first when you’re studying for exams, meeting the demands of family and friends, or putting final touches on year-end reports so that you can accomplish all that and more with ease! Try and ensure that you give yourself a break from demands, whether it’s for a massage or just to get out for a walk and sit in the sunshine (if we get some) or spend time with friends. Meet your year-end goals as your best self by granting yourself time to take care of your body.

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