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Rachel Porter’s therapeutic massage practice is committed to supporting your healing process. Bringing advanced training in specialized therapies, Rachel’s work results in reduced tension, overall stress reduction, and an emphasis on holistic care. Whether you are seeking a unique self care experience or ongoing skilled therapy for whole body wellness, a massage experience with Rachel will embrace your needs.
Specializing in therapeutic massages, Rachel draws together a unique blend of treatment and relaxation through compassionate touch. A sought after practitioner, Rachel’s massage therapy clients choose her skills as a preferred method of self care as well as treatment for soft tissue injuries. Her work will increase your blood flow, intervene in targeted pain, and promote whole body wellness.
Having advanced her practice with training in labor coaching, and breast/chest massage, Rachel is committed to bringing her healing touch to everyone in her community of care. Rachel is invested in your long-term health and immediate self care so embrace what your body needs!

"Very good prenatal massage. Rachel knew how to ease the tensions of pregnancy and had really good pressure. I am so glad i booked more appointments. Thank you!"


Rachel offers an array of services that are proven to reduce stress, aid in recovery and healing processes, and improve overall bodily function. Rachel uses a variety of techniques to provide the most effective relief and relaxation. Her long list of skills and techniques provide relief regardless of your situation or need.

Our Wellness Services

With a whole-body approach, Rachel creates a custom plan for each session. Fusing a variety of techniques together (Myofascial, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Sports therapy, deep Lomi-Lomi, Table Thai, Swedish and more) she takes your body into a profound state of relaxation while intuitively and effectively relieving aches and pains.

Fusion Massage

Experience Massage like you never have before. Whether you need to focus on pain relief or relaxation, your sessions will be tailored to your body and your needs.

Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna session uses light to generate heat and aids in various health benefits. The intense heat produced by the sauna promotes sweating, pain relief, and deep relaxation.

Breast/Chest Massage

Benefits of Breast/Chest Massage include reduction in neck, upper back and shoulder pains, improved breathing and lymph flow. Expectant and postpartum women benefit from Breast/Chest care through comfort during pregnancy and lactation support postpartum.

Pregnancy Massage

Safe and effective massage for all stages of pregnancy and beyond, tailored to your needs

Stress can Affect
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Rachel’s unique fusion modality has made her one of the most reputable therapists in the area. For more information about the most trusted massage therapist near you, contact Rachel Porter today!

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