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Breast/Chest Massage

Breast/Chest Massage

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Breast/Chest massage is specialized massage therapy with many health benefits. Whether you’re a nursing mom or interested in the overall health benefits, professional breast massage supports your physical health. Breast/chest massage improves circulation, assists in toxin removal, promotes drainage, and supports healthy lymph nodes. For men and women alike, professional breast massage from a licensed massage therapist supports your healthiest life.
Rachel Porter is a licensed massage therapist trained in breast/chest massage. Rachel’s skilled hands support improved lactation, milk production, and milk flow. She also provides trigger points intervention, care for your lymph nodes, and helps you improve circulation.
Breast care is often overlooked but essential to whole body wellness. Support your long-term physical health with professional breast massage today.

Breast/Chest Massage Benefits

Neck & Shoulder Relief

Tension in the muscles of the chest, armpit, and rib cage cause referred pain and tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Skilled and effective breast/chest massage can help relieve those pains.

Stimulate Lymphatic System

Proper care can reduce waste fluids and relieve blockages around your lymph nodes, thereby stimulating your lymphatic system, improving toxin removal, and a host of other health benefits

Improved Lactation

With help from a licensed massage therapist, proper care could eliminate blockages in milk ducts and improve overall milk quality and production

Breastfeeding Comfort

Proper care could lead to significantly reduced breast and nipple pain
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Asked Questions

Breast massage focuses on the soft tissue and muscles of the anterior (front) upper torso.
Breasts are amazing organs that receive little attention until there is a problem. Regular care could improve circulation and drainage while promoting other health benefits.
Massages are known to reduce pain and swelling, as well as promote circulation and relaxation. These benefits also apply to breast tissue. Conditions such as pain, congestion, pre-menstrual swelling, and fibrocystic breasts may all respond to regular massage treatment. It is also an excellent addition to other wellness treatments.
Yes! A breast/ chest massage can benefit all genders. Massaging the muscles of the anterior chest, regardless of gender, will produce benefits to breathing, neck and shoulder pain, posture, and overall wellness.
YES! Massages are highly beneficial to pregnant and breastfeeding moms! However, if you have active mastitis or other infection, it is highly recommended to consult your physician first. A massage can help stimulate milk flow, help relieve blocked ducts, stimulate milk production, and ease tension in neck and shoulders resulting from posture during nursing.

The session begins with a thorough health history. This is a critical component to safely providing any health service. Certain conditions (including infection and undiagnosed discharge or lumps) could make a massage dangerous. In addition, some medical conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, could lead to pain, and should be evaluated by your physician.

Part of this discussion will include your health goals and your preferences for receiving massage with or without clothes, through a sheet or drape, or with direct skin contact. The session is designed to meet your needs and comfort level.

Breasts are an integrated part of the chest and shoulder girdle. They affect the posture and, therefore, tension in the neck, shoulders, upper back and chest. Trigger points, muscle contractures, joint inflammation and nerve impingement can all refer pain to the breasts. Due to this, treatment will begin with the muscles surrounding the breasts. Lymphatic regions in the neck and underarms will be opened to promote drainage.

Afterward, surrounding muscle and tissue will be kneaded to promote circulation. Abdominal massages are frequently included in the session, as well as deep breathing. Gentle myofascial release techniques may be used to reduce adhesions. This can be done with or without lotion. Communication will be open throughout the process to assure your comfort and answer any questions you have. Feedback will be elicited so you and your therapist respect the delicacy of the structures in this region to keep them safe and sound.

Skin contact is the preferred way to perform massages. Visual inspections are an important way to assess changes in breast health, so undraping the breast provides essential treatment information. That being said, a massage can be performed over loose, thin clothing or through a sheet or drape.

Some clients prefer to perform their own breast massage with instruction from the therapist. There are many options, and the priority is always your comfort and safety. It is your decision how you choose to receive treatment and you may change your mind at any point during the session.

A professional breast massage is just one part of breast care. You are the most important promoter of your health! Regular breast self-massage (using your hands or an electric massage device) will improve circulation and help you comfortably monitor alterations in your tissue texture over time. This information aids in informed communication with your doctor if you notice any concerning changes.

Breast self-checks are another way to track these changes. While palpating breasts can seem daunting and complicated, receiving hands-on education from a skilled massage therapist can make the whole process much more fulfilling.

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