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Fusion Massage

Fusion Massage

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My self-created Fusion style of massage is one of the main things that separates my work from just about any other massage experience you can find. My Fusion Massage is compassionate, intimate, and extremely therapeutic. It truly is one of a kind. More than a description can do it justice, it needs to be experienced to be understood.

Whole Body

In my Fusion Massage sessions, I use my hands, forearms, elbows, triceps and even my shoulders to facilitate long and luxurious full-body strokes that integrate the entire body and do not work on specific areas in isolation from others. I work on your entire body at the same time, focusing on your nervous system response more than any particular muscle, This gives you an amazing full body massage experience. As a provider of full chest/breast massage, you will experience massage of your whole body, allowing your nervous system to completely give over to relaxation and healing.

"Rachel always manages to find achy muscles I didn't even know I had! I hurt so much when she locates them and I feel so good when the massage is finished!"

- Ruth A


My Fusion Massage at its core is therapeutic. Every session is clinically focused, compassionately grounded, therapeutic touch. The incorporation of chest/breast massage as part of a whole body session is intentional therapeutics work. Through my Fusion Massage, you will experience relief of pain and tension and whole body relaxation unlike other massage modalities.


My Fusion Massage is completely relaxing while at the same time being profoundly deep. My touch is firm and compassionate. My movements and touch are there to respond to the needs of your body, not to follow any routine or pattern. You will receive exactly what your body needs at that moment. Each massage experience is tailored to you for that session alone, so that you can have the best massage experience possible. No two massage sessions will ever be exactly the same, even with the same client. Every massage gets a little better than the last one as your body begins to trust the process and lets go a little more


My Fusion Massage is intimate and relaxing. The basic nature of touch is intimate, and receiving intentional, intimate, safe, relaxing and non sexual touch is an experience for your body. It is intended to give you such a complete time of relaxation that you can release physically, mentally and emotionally. This allows your body to move beyond normal limits and not anticipate your sessions, rather accept the gift given. Your muscles stop guarding and allow the experience to overtake your whole body. You can give over to complete relaxation and surrender to healing

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